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  • Filmen met 1 videograaf - 8 uur aanwezig - Clip 7 min. Prof. geluid

    8 uur


  • 2 videografen - 12 uur aanwezig - Clip 7 min. - Drone - Same Day Edit

    12 uur


  • 2 videografen - 12 uur aanwezig - Doc Edit - Prof. - Drone Beelden

    12 uur


  • 2 videografen - 12 uur aanwezig - Clip 7 min. - Drone - Same Day Edit

    12 uur

    Prijs in overleg

  • 3 uur


  • Alle speeches (max 30 minuten) gemonteerd met mooi clean geluid.

    30 min


  • Love is in the air !

    20 min


  • Alles wat er overdag gebeurde vertonen op beamer of scherm.

    3 min



All prices include tax (21% btw)  l  Travel expenses within a radius of 60 km included (per 20-06-2019)

The Perfect Match


Do you want a team that doesn't get in each other's way?

Then choose the Family Tomeij, the wedding family.

We combine Videography and Photography, see the website of Tom Tomeij.

  • Tom Tomeij  see picture >>>

  • Frans Tomeij

  • Maxime Tomeij 

  • Dominique Tomeij

Tallored to your needs

Are the above options not completely to your likings? No problem, we can always talk it through to see if we can change anything so that it fits your needs. Call or email us, so we can take the time to discuss it. It’s also possible to make an appointment for a sit-down at our studio.


Booking extra hours  costs 75.00 per hour per person.


In packages 2 and 3 with the DJI Mavic Pro drone. It is quiet and unobtrusive than most other drones. Our drones are registered with the government and well insured. There are rules that we adhere to when flying with drones.


If the weather, wind or location does not allow us to fly, then of course we stick to these rules. Safety before everything.

 Same Day Edit

The Same Day Edit provides a short compilation of the day so far. Starting at the preparations, to the first look, the photoshoot, the ceremony and sometimes the cutting of the cake. When you and the guests are seated, waiting for their dinners, it’s our job to start editing all the raw footage so far into a 3 or 4-minute-long clip. In most cases the clip is finished and ready to be shown after dinner, projected by a beamer for everyone to see clearly and enjoy.

It’s a great way to merge the filming service we offer with the rest of the activities on this special day, creating a unique experience for you and your guests.

* For the Same Day Edit it is important that the location has a beamer of television with fits our needs  Read more

 Love shoot

The love shoot phenomena, also known as engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot, is a concept that originated in the U.S. Its purpose is to shoot some film in advance, which can be edited in with the rest of the film footage to contribute towards a more complete end-product. This is the perfect way for us to get know each other and for you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. It also gives the opportunity to think ahead; looking for the best spots and angles to film, making sure no precious moment will escape the lens of the camera on the day itself.


Because of our non-invasive way of filming, we would never stage anything (see: how we work). Therefore, choosing the love shoot option will make sure your wedding video will have that cinematic feel and look to it when it’s finished.

On top of that the footage shot during the day of the love shoot can be edited into a promotional or invitational videoclip for your guests to see before the day of the actual wedding.

Price: € 299,-

Can we get the raw material?

We sometimes get this question from the bridal couple, which is easy to understand. However, we only fillet the most beautiful images from the original material. So images that are not good enough fall off. Also with photographers it is very common that blurry or failed photos are not supplied. It is, however, possible to indicate in advance that, for example, the speeches or the opening dance will be recorded in full (from package 2). Inform about the possibilities and additional costs.

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