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Coni and Michiel

May 2019, Stresa Italy: Captured this nice couple in a fantastic setting near Lake Maggiore. Everything in the beautiful Viale Siemens country house by hostess Elisa was great. Nice speeches from brother and sister. International setting with a very good collaboration with Nils Hassenau, the photographer. Everything was organized to perfection. A cake for as many as 200 people and it remained. The day after the wedding, I celebrated another day of vacation and then went home.


Manom en Ties

Wonderful day, home game. We started at Hotel Scheveningen. Then I went to the cafe of Ties's brother. Lots of fun with the preps from Ties and his father and brother. This day was full of humor and many nice short speeches. In the evening back to the cafe of Daan, where a delicious meal was also waiting for us. Subsequently, the whole party went back on the bus to the Hotel.

There a wild evening with lots of dancing people. Paul Elstak did well: back to the 90's !


Kim en Benjamin

Do dropped off at Kim .. I go to Benjamin. Normally we are ready within 15 minutes at the groom. This was very different here. Everything was checked extensively and every hair was in its place. Benjamin looked fantastic with a nice tailored suit. First look in Kim's garden, she was a picture! To the city hall of The Hague, nice civil servant who really felt like it. After the ceremony photo shoot around the court pond. The evening was a true spectacle with a lot of dance. A day to remember!


Duncan en Nicole

We started our day in Nicole's beautiful house. The house and garden were beautifully decorated by the family. Filming was very beautiful in the monumental building. Dominique stayed with Nicole and I went back and forth to Duncan. The first look was in the back yard, not wrong!

Then we left for the Orangerie Eslwout. This is where the ceremony took place. After dinner a nice party with nice surprises for the couple.



Stefanie en Naysan

Starting with the bride, Doo stayed there. I quite a way back and forth to Naysan. At the groom a relaxed atmosphere with many friends, nice breakfast. Then quickly back for the first look. Father would pick up Naysan with a Vw van .. Van will arrive soon, so not .. We were delayed and had to race to the town hall after the first look. From there to the most beautiful Church in the Netherlands. The Bavo in Haarlem. Nice pastor, we were also allowed to film from above, in addition to the organ.


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