I have a talent for moving around as silently as possible and capturing the real unexpected shots. During the week I walk with my dog walk service. I love bridal couples with animals! With great passion I edit the Same Day Edit.
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I still remember that since my father started filming, I asked if I could look through the lens, really, there is evidence. (see here) I do filming with love. I edit the same day edit with a lot of passion, when I almost cry I know that I have finished it. In my daily life I like to go out with the camera and dream of making my own docu someday. Until then I am happy to capture the love of the bridal couple.
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Behind the camera in the company of my daughters. After filming many weddings, every time enthusiastically on the road. Filming with one of my daughters is something that people always really enjoy. And let's face it: That's FUN too! It started in the 80's with the large camera and separate recorder. Now years later, capture unobtrusively beautiful moments with the Sony A7sII.
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