Non staging

It is a cliché expression: "Stay close to yourself", in our case 100% true. We are not forced, we prefer to stay in the background. We do not like being "in the picture". We leave that to the main players. We are not going to direct and set the scene. We love real and spontaneous moments.

Rather a little less real moments than more "made" scenes.


  • Niet in scene zetten 

  • Documentaire stijl

  • Niet opdringering

  • Op de achtergrond


Only during preparation can it be that we are closer. If is only because the bride often stays with her parents in her old room. Then it can be busy with photographer and videographer in one room. My daughter Dominique or Maxime often films the bride. A bit more familiar, girls among each other!



During the photo shoot of the photographer we also walk along. Here too, the following applies: if the photographer wants to take certain photos, be our guest. He or she gives instructions. We are also not going to give any instructions on how to look, stand and kiss. We leave that to the couple. We also take the spontaneous moments into account. We always hope for a photographer who has the same approach. So don't look into the camera, but work loosely. We call this the documentary style. Click here for an overview of photographers with whom we enjoy working together and are aligned.


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